Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan fans marked as safe and stress free even after the NCB detain Bollywood superstar’s sons during a raid in cruise as Salman is unmarried. Amid confusion and controversy of name who could be the possible superstar son who was detain last night after the raid.

Today morning Sameer Wankhede, Zonal Director of NCB, Mumbai Zone reaches the agency offices today where the people who were detain after a raid yesterday are being questioned. Buzz is in market that possible superstar son could be Aryan Khan,Son of SRK.

Buzz is in the market that it is karma for SRK for an old incident in which SRK slapped the security guard of Wankhede Stadium due to which Sameer Wankhede(NCB Officer) caught SRK son in Narcotics case.

Arhaan Khan Son of Shah Rukh Khan(Friend of Salman Khan)
Aryan Khan Son of Shah Rukh Khan(Friend of Salman Khan)

Bollywood superstar’s son along with 13 other people was detained during a drug bust raid by a team of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on a cruise ship off Mumbai coast on Saturday night top sources told Techsplash. The NCB raided Cordelia cruise and seized drugs such as cocaine, MD and hashish and found the actor’s son consuming drugs.

NCB has sends summons to the organizers of the rave party asking them to appear before them at 11 pm today.

Disclaimer: Article published above is just for entertainment and should not be considered as real news.

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