Rohini Singh
Alleged Journalist Rohini Pic Credit: Rohini Singh twitter

Rohini Singh alleged 2BHK journalist who works as a reporter for the leftist propaganda outlet ‘The Wire’ created an another controversy trying to make a false narrative when she tweeted her wisdom on domain of science about which she has no knowledge. She was quoted as saying “Then why were you getting people to bang pots and pans?” questioning Narendra Modi,Prime Minister of India on his speech about where he said “Global challenges can be mitigated by a Science-Based, Rational and Progressive thinking”.

Miss Rohini need to undergo brain surgery and n o operated at our hospital for plastic surgery of her brain so that she can feel normal in a life. Currently looking at the symptoms and her thoughts she appears to be abnormal thinker said Dr Churanwala, Surgeon while speaking to Techsplash reporter.

It may also be noted that the name of alleged 2BHK jounalist Rohini was also featured in the infamous Radia Tape.Rohini is also known for habit of producing fake stories. She is also known as the queen of fake news in India among intellectual and right wing in India. 

Many stories are associated with her and coverage of news story done by her are said to be biased. For her biased reporting she was thrown out of Economic Times.

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