Silent Protest Observed Across Karnataka By Puncture Putra

Karnataka, India -Massive protest erupted in Bengaluru, Karnataka after the Wednesday Legislative Assembly concluded to include Puncture Putra and Engineers in preferential VIPs list.

Puncture Putra objected silently across the state by giving free Puncture service to customers. Even some of the Berozgaar Engineers supported this noble cause by teaching Alphabets (One to Ten) in Nursery and Junior KG in schools.

Farmer Organization lead by Rakesh Dakait also supported this cause and has announced to launched a nation wise strike if the demand of the Puncture Putra and Engineers are not fulfilled by Monday.

Bengaluru District Superintendent of Police (SP) Ravi D Channannavar give a media bite and said we are in talks with Farmer Organization and would deal with this sensitive matter.

Even the Farmer Organization have announced they would do a peaceful protest and would abide by the law of the land.

Karnataka Public Works Minister CC Patil told in the Assembly that the ambulance lane on state highways will be used for VIPs after JD(S) legislator K Annadani demanded preferential treatment while passing through toll plazas. 

Legislative Council Meeting In Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru After Which Protest Erupt Credit: DH Photo
Legislative Council Meeting In Vidhana Soudha – Bengaluru After Which Protest Erupt Credit: DH Photo

CC Patil was quoted as saying “State highways have two-lane roads, not four-lane. So, having a separate VIP lane on both sides is difficult on two-lane highways. There’s an ambulance lane. Instructions will be issued to allow VIP movement on ambulance lanes”.

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