Narendra Modi (Engineers Day)
Narendra Modi-Prime Minister Of India (Engineers Day)

New Delhi, India – Prime Minister Narendra Modi lead Indian government announces to formulate new law on eve of Engineers Day on Wednesday 15-September.

The law to be named as Insult Prevention Act 2021. According to sources in Government said decision to formulate this law comes after the email which was received by PMO from a group of Young Haq Se Berozgaar Engineer’s Association head Sumeet Bhulla. Who in a letter tried to convey the message on the behalf of group problem’s and insult faced by engineers in day to day to life by racist memers and uneducated morons who considered themselves to be superior to Engineer. Sumeet Bhulla requested PMO to formulate law similar to SC/ST Act where a person who insult engineer be serve jail term for minimum of 1 year.

This announcement comes as a surprise to country youth population and main opposition youth leader Rahul Gandhi who welcomes the moves of drafting of new law for Indian youth and future of the country.

According to sources in government who doesn’t like to be named said this move will bring NDA lead government back to power in 2024 with a thumping majority.

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